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Sep 21, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post September Meeting Followup

Looks like I didn’t post a September Meeting page, although it was listed in the events.

Too bad for those who didn’t show up for the meeting. We did a hardware hacking project, specifically reflashing a Linksys WRT54GL to use a firmware from the OpenWRT project (well, this was really a software portion), but it was hardware we repurposed and proved that it worked after the fact. We also had a working web interface to the unit and the ability to adjust all manner of items that the folks at linksys don’t want us playing with.

We also investigated the ability to power it over the ethernet cable with a power adapter mod courtesy of the folks at Hak5, who did it in a manner that I would never do, but it worked. As a followup, I’m going to do the same type of thing with my other WRT54GL (this one goes to a client this weekend), so this should be amusing. I may even post the pictures, screenshots, and anything else that captures my fancy. When completed, I just may have to retire my smoothwall firewall. When you are finished, this little box has VPN and VLAN capability

Other items of note were the upcoming linuxfest in Toronto, some photos of my recent vacation and a few pictures of my new deck. I may have to have the next meeting at my place, lets see, late October, large deck, barbecue… Might be too cold for some, but you never know. We’ll see how it goes. On the plus side, there is always the possibility for next spring/summer for a BBQ :)

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