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Jan 13, 2008 - 1 minute read - Comments


No, not the David Bowie song.

For those in the know, my contract at ST ended January 4th and I had the joy of being unemployed (underemployed?) for a whole 5 days, my choice.

I have accepted the role of Security Officer with “Unnamed Company” and that starts January 14th so this should be a fun week as I get started in my new position (no comments from Bruce please).

I also started a blog on IT Toolbox, as I figure that a little more exposure would be nice and I have posted one article so far. The blog title is Addicted to System Administration. If you like secure remote GUI access to your *nix machines, you may want to look at the article.

I have a bunch of new projects I am working on at home and will be sharing some details at the meeting. Nothing earth shattering, but when completed, should make my life easier.

See you Thursday.

January Meeting Looks like it's that time again...

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