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Jun 19, 2014 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post June Meeting Followup...

We had an informative talk by Kelly on online training options based on his recent experiences. As we discussed the information, we discovered the talk could be expanded to include all of the local and online resources to provide continuous self-improvement for sysadmins who either have free time outside of work, are working part-time, may be between contracts or are looking to take some time off for training.

Kelly is looking to update the talk to include the extra items we discussed and possibly do a followup talk in the new year. When he has done the updates to the current talk, we will make it available online for anyone who be interested in the resources we talked about.

Other items we discussed included:

  • The venue for our end of year annual social event. We will have a brief discussion on that next month, after the talk.
  • Firmware mods for commercially available consumer devices, a topic item for next months talk.
  • Cisco selling its Linksys line to Belkin
  • Out of left field, video editing. I mentioned the open shot video editor as a possible solution.

I also plan on posting a follow-up to the May talk on environmental monitoring once I have built the probes and done the testing to go with the unit I talked about. It is a little late, but I have been involved in other things and have not spent any time on it.