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Jul 21, 2013 - 1 minute read - Comments

Post July Meeting Notes

Here are a few followup items from the meeting:

The Raspberry Pi as a FM transmitter:

Monitoring Tools - this turned into a segue on configuration management as well:

There was a short PXE discussion where I mentioned a very good writeup on using it with FreeBSD. The thing that made this a great resource is that it talks about the options and features that can be used as well as the actual booting portion. It also happens to be available as a HTML page or a PDF. According to the author, he used AsciiDoc to generate it and this is a great example of the type of documentation you can create with AsciiDoc

Sysadmin Appreciation Day is Friday, July 26 and we have decided to meetup at Big Rig for 5:30.

July Meeting 2013 Sysadmin Appreciation Day

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