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Apr 20, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post April Follow-up

The talk we had for April was on using asciinema to provide walk-throughs, training and demos that do not use something like a movie. As a short followup, you can view the embedded asciicast below to get a quick idea of what was we were talking about. This is nothing more than a quick and dirty demo to show that in addition to showing what you get, including things like a vi session, but you can also pause the player and cut and paste directly from the playing file. For anyone that has to show command-line configurations, this could be very valuable. Think about router and gateway configs as one usage case.

Here is the demo:

Normally I would host the cast myself, but I don’t have the service available on my VPS yet. Once I get it working on the limited resource VPS, I’ll migrate it to my own server. I’d prefer to not have the entire world watching my less than stellar demos, etc.

As an additional item, there will be an asciicast embedded in a post to follow-up the puppet talk as soon as I get it finished. I thought I was close to done, but the last phase had an unexpected error and I have to track it down before I can redo the ‘cast. Slides will also be available.

Pi Day 2015 May 2015 Followup

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