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Sep 3, 2010 - 2 minute read - Comments

OGLF Canceled

For those who didn’t know, the Ontario GNU/Linux Fest in Toronto has been canceled. You can read more about it on the official site, but the short answer is it’s a lot of work to get one going and to organize it.

When I found out about it (Thanks Jim), I made a comment about possibly trying to get a similar event off the ground here. It’s certainly not impossible, but it will take work. We already have BSDCan, pgcon, The Ottawa Linux Symposium, so is there room for an additional conference here in the capital? This is currently a single day event and held on a weekend, so it’s not a long event commitment and it certainly is not Ohio Linux Fest!

I’m thinking we could have a discussion at the September meeting and see if it would be a good idea. I can also ask the people at OCLUG if they would want to be part of it. Who knows? I know there are lots of speakers available and I can ask a few that I know if they would be interested.

Just food for thought… Keep thinking! A number of other FLOSS events have happened sporadically in Ottawa, Open Source Weekend, Free Software Day and probably a host of others that I have not been part of. They have petered out, so if we want to try this, we need a plan to succeed and keep it running.