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Apr 3, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments

OCUUG Meeting April 15th

April 15th, 2003, 18:30 EST

85 Albert St, Suite 1200
Ottawa, ON, K1P 6A4

High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing for AIX

“Combines the leading UNIX based clustering solution with advanced
server technology for 24x7 system availability, scalability and ease
of management Provides ongoing access to database resources for
exceptional flexibility, reliability and application execution
Significantly reduces unplanned outages; allows cluster upgrades and
reconfiguration without interrupting operation.”

The presentation will address the following:

* What is HACMP (hacmpp and hacmp)
* The benefits of clustering
* How it works. What can it do and what it cannot do
* What you need to run it. ie IBM OS AIX 4.3 -5.1
* Architecture
* Single points of failure
* How are we using it in Health Canada, ie insight into the
* High Availability Geographic Cluster for AIX

Presented by: Sylvain Mino


If you would like to attend please send me an email
( or I will reply with a

If you know anyone who works with or uses AIX, please invited them to
the meeting. The invitation is extended to anyone who has interest in
learning about UNIX.

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