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Oct 17, 2013 - 3 minute read - Comments

October Follow-Up

During the meeting, I mentioned a number of items that required links to be posted. Here are the items and links:

  • The presentation I did for OCLUG on using a Rapberry Pi as a PBX DropBox Link
  • I talked about as a DID and service provider. Links are also in the presentation as well
  • Modern publishing - I ran across this on the O’Reilly website. I’m not sure if it is of interest to anyone here, however the implications are quite interesting for anyone who wants to publish in the future.

At O’Reilly Media, as we work on transitioning to an XHTML5-source workflow (which will be the cornerstone of the next release of our Atlas publishing platform), we have posted an open source project on GitHub called HTMLBook. The HTMLBook project contains an XML Schema that subsets the HTML5 content model to provide specifications for book-specific semantics, such as chapters, appendixes, and sidebars. Additionally, it contains a sample CSS stylesheet for styling HTML5 content for PDF output using CSS3 Paged Media, and XSL tools for autogenerating book navigation elements including tables of contents, indexes, and cross-references, as well as generating the necessary metadata and package files for EPUB 3 output. We look forward to continued collaboration around the development of HTML5 authoring tools for publishers.

This from:

The author references a paper presented at Balisage: The Markup Conference 2013

  • Given the laptop battery issue, I didn’t do the epub creation item, however you can try it out yourself by checking out the pandoc website and looking at the pro git example listed there
  • We had a passing mention of the beagle bone black as a platform, but my original comments still hold that for most projects, the Raspberry Pi is sufficiently powerful. You are free to make your own choice on the matter.
  • I mentioned that there was a free VMware course and certification available if you wish to check it out. This is not an expensive certification, but if you need to have something that says VMware, this is one way to get a certification.
  • I mentioned Roam Mobility for travel to the US. You will either need one of their phones or an unlocked GSM phone to use the product

Other items that crossed my virtual desk recently:

I think that is enough for this month. Stay tuned next month for the post LISA’13 talk.

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