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Mar 1, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

New scam: phone calls regarding new lower interest rates on credit cards

It looks like there is a new scam on the go. You get a phone call offering you a low interest rate on your card. Just press 0 (or some number) to speak to a representative. After a moment you get a person on the other end who offers a very sweet deal on a credit card or some such and then asks some verification info from you to prove who you really are. They even try to get your credit card number so they can send you a new one with a lower rate.

I had just told my wife about this scam and she got one of those calls earlier today. Amazing.

It appears that this is all being done with VoIP technology and some basic social engineering. When you press the ‘0’ or whatever number, you end up initiating a phone call to a person who then gets your caller info which sets up the context for the rest of the scam.

I’ll have to do some searching on this and post a link to some good stories.