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Aug 14, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

new project: mini-home-ecg

Note: I have no idea who posted this. I’d have to rebuild the old site to get the author information. The joy of fixing up the conversions from the many systems I have used over the years..

So, I’ve been having pulse irregularities and heart palpitations (well, not sure of the technical meanings of these terms - but my pulse rate isn’t regular and I feel funny things in my chest). I’ve been in for an ECG and they told me that the heart was fairly normal, with a few arrythmias thrown in. I wanted to see that for myself, and I decided to use my blackfin processor to make a teensy, two- or few-lead ECG for myself. How hard can it be : - )

I’ve learned how to use the file-system building software. I need to try out the demonstration oscilloscope software, and research how ECG’s are put together, and how many bits the ADCs are. I stuck a multi-meter on my chest at the 200 mv range, and saw readings around .5 - 1.5 millivolts. So, I’m probably going to have to boost those signals, or somehow adjust the A2D sensitivity. Good thing I know lots of EEs.

Way too busy (and loving it!) Vacation? What's that?

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