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May 22, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments

May 2015 Followup

We had a lively discussion about OpenVPN and various use cases to have it available for access to a home system. A very quick walkthrough showing how simple it is to create and a few gotchas that you can run into.

You can get additional information on installing it from these resources:

You might also want to visit the OpenVPM website at There is also a discussion of clients there as well.

We also talked about future topics for the rest of the year. We have a rather large number of items, so there is opportunity to cover many items and still have topics for next year assuming they are relevant any more.

Future Topics, mostly gathered by recent web searches I have done:

  • PXE Booting
  • RRDTool (and things to do with it)
  • Centralized Logging (synology or Linux)
  • Docker: what is it and why would you want it?
  • Things to do with your Synology:
    • Docker on Synology
    • Synology as Datastore for ESXi (thin provisioned iSCSI)
    • Crashplan on Synology
    • Monitoring with Nagios (or icinga) (on synology)
  • Logstash
  • Various git items: git, github, gitolite, gitlab, git-annex, git-stash, gist
  • Backups, snapshots, filesystem features, etc.
  • Building a hackintosh on a spare laptop
  • Documenting your lab setup
  • Building a phone system AND programming it beyond the basics
  • Flash talk on USB3 Issues (Renato)
  • Openstack 
  • IPv6 Implementation & Gotchas
  • Centralized authentication at home with technologies such as LDAP or FreeIPA and why you might want to do it
  • Graphite

The next topic will be PXE booting due to popular vote, so that covers June. The rest will be allocated as interest dictates. I suspect July will be a talk (or talks) on RRDtool  usage.

Links to other items we mentioned/discussed:


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