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Mar 24, 2002 - 1 minute read - Comments

March Meeting Minutes



Topics covered:

  • Steve finally gave his mystery talk about high availability and
    network redundancy using IP multipath under Solaris. ;) And,
    touched on how *not* to build a datacenter.

  • Scott talked about the SAGE Code of Ethics (both the original[1],
    and revised version[2] which he had a part in), and the Ottawa
    Carleton UNIX Users Group (OCUUG) and what’s happening there.

  • I touched briefly on my home network, and per protocol/flow based

Hopefully, we’ll see everyone again next month. :)


[1] - The Original SAGE Code of Ethics:

[2] - The Propsed Expanded SAGE Code of Ethics:

[3] - Adrian’s network monitoring graphs:

Adrian Chung (adrian at enfusion-group dot com)
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Re Re March Meeting OCUUG arising from the dead...

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