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Feb 8, 2012 - 1 minute read - Comments

Looks like we have to find another meeting spot

I went over to The Second Cup yesterday, just to make sure it was still open and while I was there, asked what had happened last month. I was quite surprised to discover nothing had happened. In a new move by management, they have changed their hours so that they are only open until 18:00. As you can see, this puts a damper on our meeting location. The alternate location we used last month is a bit small (Tim Horton’s across the street), and I don’t know of any other venues in the near vicinity that we could bother with.

I’m going to check out the Tim Horton’s on Eagleson tonight to see if they have a better layout. The remodeling they have been doing seems to have reduced the floor space in the ones I have checked out. Worst case is using the same venue that we use for the BSD meetings, of course that includes beer and pizza availability.

Alternate suggestions are welcome.

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