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Jul 23, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments

July Follow-up

I guess immediately means about a week later.

The slides for the talk are up, but you will need to log in to get them. The default login URL has been altered on this site. It’s amazing how many spam registrations that has reduced. I’ll have to see about adding back a login box on the main page. I’ll probably get around to an SSL cert as well in the next couple of weeks. I could always just add a self-signed one, which would be sufficient for this site. I’m probably going to add copies of the scripts as well. It is the same info as in the slides and the php one has been fixed so it now works. There have been a few changes in the php wrapper since the article I got the example from was written. There was a lot of talk while the presentation was going on and half the time was demos to illustrate the points. This will not make you an expert by any stretch of the imagination, however it should get you into the basics.


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