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Jan 8, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments

January Meeting: Ringing in the GNU year

Title: January Meeting: Ringing in the GNU year
Location: CHANGE!!! Dymon Self Storage, 323 Coventry Rd.
Link out: Click here
Description: Another calendar year has rolled over, time to learn to write the date correctly again.

Not a whole lot to talk about this month:

  • I’m still working out my documentation management system and it is getting closer to something I think I can live with. AsciiDoc or AsciiDoctor are the closest to useful that I have managed to find so far.
  • Slightly more useful enhancements to your daily desktop for those not running a vanilla linux or bsd
    • Cygwin
    • MinGW
    • homebrew
    • macports
  • Slightly esoteric, but current and interesting: Hacking SD cards

Start Time: 18:45
Date: 2014-01-16
End Time: 20:45