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Mar 4, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

It's Sunday night again

Yep, Sunday night. Tomorrow starts another week of the standard stuff… or does it?

I have spent some time adding new modules and things to the site, but not all of it is configured yet. I cleaned up the non-logged in main page to add info about the meetings, as it didn’t make sense to not have that on there. I also discovered that once you disable anonymous access from a number of items, everything vanishes when you are not logged in. The obvious fix would be to allow anonymous access to nodes, which makes a whole bunch of stuff visible, as everything is a node, but now nothing is hidden. Back to the drawing board and that is what resulted in fixing up the main page.

Now that that is out of the way, I need to start getting stuff back from the old site, not that there is a lot of stuff there, but it does show the history. Hopefully one of the pieces I added can take care of the old static pages for me. I’ll find out soon enough.

In other news, I’ve asked the folks at LOPSA to recognize us as an affiliate. For those who do not know what LOPSA is, it’s the League of Professional System Administrators. They formed last year when Usenix would not let SAGE split off as it’s own body. This may be a little confusing, as there are now two System Administration groups. They have different agendas, read their web sites to find out more details.


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