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Feb 26, 2002 - 2 minute read - Comments

February Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes:



Topics covered:

  • I talked about setting up proxy ARP to do pseudo-bridging[1], which
    I don’t have a formal write up for yet, but will soon, and will send
    around when I do.

  • I also talked about how done _wrong_, proxy ARP can wreak havoc on
    an ISP subnet that’s one big bridged ethernet segment. I spoke from
    experience. :) Beware of blindly enabling proxy ARP on an external
    ISP connected interface if it’s a bridged connection.

  • We talked about alternatives to the way that I set things up, and
    neat things that can be accomplished under such a setup.

  • We talked about Ralph Doncaster, and[2].

  • Also talked quickly about Rogers inability to manage SMTP servers,
    their outsourcing to Compaq/OpenWave, and how they bounce any mail
    from a address to a address if SMTP AUTH LOGIN
    isn’t used to send the message. This happens from both their
    internal network, and their external network. Affects mailing
    lists, and email forwarders.

  • Steve stood us up for the third time in as many months. :) But he
    apologized, and will make it up to us at some point. :)

See you all next month!


[1] - Various Proxy ARP links:

[2] -, a local Ottawa based ISP:

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