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Jan 1, 2019 - 2 minute read - Comments

Of course, it's not all easy

I discovered that I can’t get the hugo_jupyter module to install on my laptop for some unspecified reason due to a collision with the existing software. This is why I don’t typically upgrade but rather do a clean install.

Most things work, but between the system, homebrew, and conda, my python3 setup is not working properly. I guess a backup to bootable image and a fresh install will solve most of the issues, but in the interim, I need to get the generator fully functional.

Looks like Vagrant to the rescue. As I have VirtualBox and vagrant installed, I can use that to create a proper environment isolated from the main OS and use that to create my generator. I’ll do it again under docker when I get some time and see which one works better. It hust seemed easier to use vagarent right now, as it is just a vbox image. I’ll add the steps in case anyone wants to do a similar configuration. This is a Q&D build, as I’m the impatient sort.

Items left to go

This is a kind of living list right now. Expect mods as I go on.