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Apr 12, 2009 - 1 minute read - Comments

April Meeting

Looks like we have a new home. The Pythian Group has offered us use of their space and it may be more convenient for some of us, as it is now downtown.

I was originally going to go over the repurposing of old watchguard units as firewalls or possibly talk about asterisk but that didn’t pan out. Due to an excessive amount of work over the past couple of weeks, all I have had time to look at was replacing my DSL modem and watchguard unit (running monowall) with a cisco 2621 router and a WIC-1ADSL card. It is a work in progress, as I haven’t quite figured out where to apply the access lists (for a DMZ) or how to determine the netmask for my static address.

With a little work, this should be a talk topic and it will probably be a nice segue into cisco devices as I know there is interest from some of the crowd.

February Meeting Oracle to buy Sun

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