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Apr 19, 2014 - 1 minute read - Comments

April followup

After our discussion, we came up with a list of topics for future meetings.

I’m going to do a talk on the environmental monitor unit I brought with me based on the Raspberry Pi and a few add-ons for May

We have the following items listed, with a couple of volunteers so far:

  • Basic firewalls - re-purposing EOL gear for ongoing use (August)
  • OpenVPN
  • Security, an example would be the SANS Top 20
  • Zabbix (maybe June)
  • Coursera experiences talk  and discussion (July)
  • Small NAS appliances such as Synology including:
    • Package Creation
    • encfs
    • sshfs
    • deduplication
    • NFS
    • ipkg
    • Third party software packages
  • Crypto basics(using OpenSSL)
  • Pen Testing with Metasploit (tentatively in November)
  • Hardware simulation on different platforms
  • Using the XBMC API for message and video injection
  • Online learning experiences (panel type presentation)
  • Diskless Raspberry Pi
  • Network and Automated installs of almost everything
  • Configuration management with current tools
  • Screencasting/training
  • Good looking documentation with open source tools
  • Wordpress usage cases

For anyone interested, Bruce mentioned that Udemy has their top 1500 courses on for \$10.00 each.

Don’t forget, BSDCan is on next month at the University of Ottawa and there will be a Puppet Meetup on the Thursday night before the conference starts.