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Feb 21, 2010 - 2 minute read -

Welcome to Ottawa Valley SAGE!

ovSAGE was founded in 1998 in Ottawa, Ontario. Initially ovSAGE was a recognized local affiliate of the Usenix System Administrator’s Guild (SAGE) before SAGE was converted into a Usenix special interest group (SIG) and re-branded as LISA, as well as an affiliate of the League of Professional Systems Administrators (LOPSA) shortly after LOPSA was founded, until becoming a full LOPSA local chapter in 2013.

Who we are

We are primarily a group of system administrators and enthusiasts from around the National Capital Region that meet once a month to be social, get a heads up on new ideas, talk about technology, and to have a little fun.

The object of the monthly meetings is demo/discuss technologies that we could use in our daily employment, perform training sessions, and bring in some of those nasty problems that we all run into and try to find an answer to them.


Anyone can join, anyone can participate. All you need is to have an interest and want to share knowledge. A sense of humour helps as well, as we want this to be a fun environment to participate in, Beginners are welcome.

Adding content to the website is not open at the moment, as we are undergoing a long overdueto update to the environment. If you want to ask questions, we have a low activity mailing list and posts to the site will have commentary available shortly. First posts to the list are held for review to reduce spam.

Meeting Time and Location


Meetings tend to be held on the third Thursday of the month, running from 6:45pm to 8:45pm. The arrival time is a little flexible, given that people who attend arrive from all over the city, but try to be there by 6:45pm.

Meeting announcements are typically posted about 1 week before a meeting, but that doesn’t always happen. Keep checking the pages to make sure, as there have been months with no meeting.


We are currently meeting at the Dymon Storage facility in Kanata. They have a boardroom that we are able to use due to a donation of room time from Griffin Services Plus Inc.


110 Didsbury Rd, Kanata, ON K2T 0C2


Ottawa Valley SAGE Event Calendar

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