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Aug 9, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

Way too busy (and loving it!)

Life gets interesting when you are juggling a bunch of things and events just happen around you in a random fashion.

  • Writing training material for the LPI 101 exam preparation and presenting it on Monday nights.
  • There are at least 5 local usergroups that I am a member of which I go to meetings during the month and a few international ones that I try to attend the IRC chats for
  • There is the day job which keeps me busy writing papers and documentation as well as trying to squeeze in new methodologies and testing
  • Rebuild of my home environment (which always take a back burner), although I managed to upgrade my two macs last week, so I can get some videos finished and the audio sessions from BSDCan finished. The web server is being replaced next with a machine that is no faster, but it has the benefit of HotSwap SCSI disks.
  • Six technical magazines/month to read, as well as the one or two O’Reilly books I manage to get every month.
  • Reading for pleasure, latest was Kim Stanley Robinson’s “50 Degrees Below” - part 2 of a climate change trilogy - there are five or six novels/month
  • A wedding to attend this month
  • Just got my deck completed, now it needs treatment/stain and furniture (10 years in the making) and worth every penny paid to get it done. (I’m a hopeless carpenter)
  • Filling out proposals (read government grids) for contract work
  • Locating and reading documentation of performing TRAs and SOSs in an approved manner for the RCMP/Federal Government (that’s where the money is right now)
  • Arguing with Adobe about my invalid serial number (8 days and counting)
  • Contemplating volunteering for a few things with the local computer charity (have to consider my time)
  • Quality time with my family (has to take priority)
  • Plan, design and mock up the plan for my home office and my wife’s project room (lots of room in the basement, just need to get a few walls and a nice floor in place and lots of power) also need to figure out where the computer racks will reside.
  • Gut basement again (get rid of 50% of what is down there). I figure a 15 cubic meter dumpster will do it (better that the 25 cubic meters last time).

Now I need to look at September…