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Nov 26, 2010 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post November Meeting Info

We had a small turnout tonight, but that made it somewhat more casual (if that’s possible). Most of the discussion was about the LISA 2010 conference which two of us attended. As I have previously mentioned, it was a great conference and a lot of interesting things were presented. I think the most interesting item was the pervasive social media. Twiter, IRC, facebook, etc. were all in constant use. While this isn’t really a new phenomenon, this is the most blatant use I’ve seen.I suspect that this is a pretty common thing in schools and universities now, but it wasn’t when I went.

Every talk was being commented on live and you could follow everything while attending a single session. If the session you were in was realy interesting, the feed was secondary and not really being watched. If you were in a talk that you were only slightly interested in, the feed offered a way to know what else was going on and if you really felt you were in the wrong session, you could make an informed choice as to what one to join.

There were a few things I had talked about in addition to my addiction to the LISA conference, specifically the CompTIA Linux+ certification:

  • This is from the CompTIA web site
  • I also mentioned the site that has prep information for the LPI2 certification: The data is still valid I believe, but I have not verified it yet.
  • Bruce also mentioned that if you want the CompTIA Security+ certification, get it before the end of the year so it does not expire.
  • I mentioned the annual social will be held December 16th at the Lieutenants Pump. Details are on the event calendar on the front page.