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Jun 11, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

Podcasting - easier than I thought

Well, it can be. Everyone knows the love affair I’ve been having with my macbook, so it’s no surprise that I used it to create a podcast of the keynote from BSDCan 2007. If anyone wants to listen, it’s at my other blog site. Since it’s a streamable/downloadable item, the bandwidth usage may get high and since they provide free bandwidth, why not use theirs?

I have a lot more to produce, so I think I’ll be automating the production a bit and see what happens. At worst, I have to do it manually but if it works, they could conceivably all be created over night. That’s a task for a different day though.

Once I get the process worked out, I’ll post the recipie on here and perhaps go over the method to create the same thing on Linux or any other OS (well almost any other). It could be a fun topic for a meeting.


June Meeting, June 21 @ 19:00 BSDCan Keynote

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