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Apr 8, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

Module installation can be a real pain.

I was so happy with a recent book purchase that I decided to install the book review module. It installed with no issues, and appeared as a content option as expected. Then the trouble started…

It appears that there is some incompatability with the module. It says it is installed, I can fill out the forms, but when I save it, nothing. After wasting a day on changes, attempted fixes, and browsing the database (of course I had opened the wrong one so nothing appeared to be working properly), I decided to uninstall it.

The book review is saved, I managed to keep my text, but it will not display properly as it was written for the template I removed. I’ll probably get around to posting it as an article or something like that some other day, but before the meeting on the 19th.

Some browsing through the code for the module shows that it was converted from a version 4 module to a version 5 module, but appears to have been incompletely done. Maybe I’ll feel up to making the required changes, or even write my own version of it. Who knows? It seems simple enough, so it could be a reason to go beyond basic php hacking to actual code writing. Low hanging fruit is usually a reason to do lots of things.