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Mar 16, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

March Meeting (2007) Followup


  • We had 6 attendees which is pretty good given our recent dry run.
  • We have photos (candid shots, need to do better)
  • After the usual social session, we got around to talking about the LPI certification and the training course we are going to be doing for those who need it.
  • Some discussion of directory services ( this would make a good item for a future meeting)
  • Announced our affiliation with LOPSA


Tim has offered us the use of the training site at Kuzink to provide the training platform and to create content. I’ll be creating content as well as Andrea. Others are welcome to assist, as it can’t hurt to have at least seen some of this while entering it. We will be using moodle as the framework, so that should be interesting at the very least. Exposure to multiple web based systems isn’t gong to hurt and who knows, we may even have talent for this.

We have an embarassment of riches in this area - it’s a good time to be getting into this stuff. Podcasts, VoIP conference calls, eLearning, CMS, just too many things to pick and choose from.


Thanks to Fidus for the use of the boardroom for the meeting. It’s a very nice room and I hope we can keep using it.