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Side Effects of Web Server Changes

LISA‘16 Was Fun

June Meeting Recap

SSL Testing with Qualys Labs

Post April Follow-Up

March Followup

Jupyter/IPython Notebook demo from ovSAGE talk

Post February Update

Access control headers

OSX and the dd command

Simple Additions

New year, new site

Oddities as I do the conversion

November Follow-up

Photos from LISA‘15

Post October Followup

Post September Follow-up

August Followup

July Follow-up

June Follow-Up

Photos from BSDCan 2015

May 2015 Followup

Post April Follow-up

Pi Day 2015

Post February Meeting Notes

I have migrated hosting providers again

January Meeting 2015: *Not* a Puppet Talk

SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Post June Meeting Followup…

The schedule for the rest of the year has been published.

April followup

April Meeting: Topic discussions

New event system in use

February Meeting 2014

Building a Firewall Appliance with pfSense and ALIX2D3

January Meeting: Ringing in the GNU year

December Meeting: Annual Social

Photos from LISA‘13

November Meeting 2013

October Follow-Up

October Meeting 2013

Galleries are fixed.

September Meeting 2013

Image galleries are currently unavailable.

August Meeting Notes

August Meeting 2013

SysAdmin Day 2013 Follow-Up

Sysadmin Appreciation Day

Post July Meeting Notes

July Meeting 2013

June Meeting 2013

May Meeting 2013

April Meeting 2013

March Meeting 2013

February Meeting 2013

User Group Connect 2013 - Feb 09 at Shopify

2013 January Meeting

LISA 2012 Photos

December Meeting: Annual Social

November Meeting: 2012

October Meeting: 2012

September Meeting 2012

Somewhat Interesting Infographic

August Meeting: 2012-08-16

O’Reilly eBook Offer

2012 SysAdmin Day

Mailing list restored

Ramblings before the July Meeting

July Meeting 2012

Site Maintenance

June Meeting 2012

Pictures from BSDCan 2012

Post May Meeting update

May Meeting 2012

BSDCan 2012 is next week (May 11,12)

Topic for April may be expanded.

April Meeting 2012

March Meeting

February Meeting - VOIP talk

Looks like we have to find another meeting spot

Post January Meeting…

Photos from Lisa‘11

January Meeting

December Meeting: Annual Social

November Meeting

O’Reilly: Data Science Starter Kit

Post October Followup

October Meeting is Oct 20, not Oct 13!

October Meeting

September Meeting - 2011-09-29

August Meeting

Switch upgrade (sort of)

Obligatory Post-Meeting Post for July

July Meeting

Another successful upgrade

It’s the July really long weekend

Wordpress has this export/import feature

BSDCan 2011 audio is available

Drobo Contest… 100 drobo units

June Meeting

Acanac Cable Connection is live

May Meeting - no presentation

Trying out the iOS client

April Meeting Follow-up (updated)

April Meeting

Mentoring - second post

Post March Meeting Followup

LOPSA mentoring

BSDCan 2011 is coming…

Password Cracking Spreadsheet

Contract job

February Meeting

A Brief Review of Beautiful Security by Andy Oram and John Viega

January Meeting

O’Reilly has a new program out for bloggers…

Annual Social

Some info for the CLI savvy

Post November Meeting Info

November Meeting: 2010-11-25

November Meeting

eBooks, LISA countdown, LOPSA

October Followup

LinkedIn group created

October Meeting

September followup…

September Presentation

OGLF Canceled

LISA 2010 - Uncovering the Secrets of System Administration

Post August Meeting Info

Free O’Reilly Course

Permalinks fixed…

Post July Meeting

July Meeting

That’s a first…


Interesting meeting tonight.

Live again…

Website may be down in the near future…

Ottawa Spring Career Fair this week

June Meeting

Course Notes in Forums

May Meeting

HTRA Training available…

Opportunity for a Linux Systems Administrator

Email Hell - Why the current standards need to be radically overhauled

ovSAGE April Meeting

Forums are now live

March Post Meeting Commentary

OCUUG meeting on Wedneday

Old data being added slowly…

ovSAGE Meeting

And the fun continues…

Ottawa Area Security Klatch

Fun with Technology…



Highly amusing… and so true!

Once more, a new system

Rules to live by

Sometimes it’s a good day.

Since I’m considering changing the site engine…

Changing site engines seems to be a good idea…

July Meeting

It’s the Uncle Bloggy Show…

And sometimes you forget to hit submit.

Mass password changes…

Microsoft’s new search engine…

There are times when I hate Open Source :)

June Meeting

Qmail Rock Project Attempt

Post May Meeting Notes…

Post BSDCan 2009

May Meeting - Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oracle to buy Sun

April Meeting

February Meeting

Legacy software, modern hardware, Solaris 10 and interesting behavior…

KACE systems management - commercial alternative to cfengine and puppet

Lack of backup shuts company down

Vacations that are not

December Meeting

IT is not a place to cut your budget.


Items from the December Meeting

It seems IBM has decided to make Lotus Notes available for all OS major platforms and free

Items from the November 2008 Meeting

It has been a while

October Meeting - 2008-10-16

July Meeting - Thursday, July 31, 2008

Followup notes for the June 2008 meeting

June Meeting

April Meeting: 2008-04-24

March Meeting

BSDcan 2008

For the trusting types…

Chroot facility added to OpenSSH

February Meeting

Looks like it’s that time again…


January Meeting

A lawyer’s viewpoint

This has got to be the best disclaimer I have read yet…

Post December Meeting (aka: stuffed)

I’m not a mac zealot. Really.

Where shall we have the December meeting?

LinuxFest 2007

Site errors - possibly nailed

New stuff for home system

Ontario Linux Fest Press Release

It was Sunday night…

Post September Meeting Followup

Recent Events

Software Freedom Day

Vacation? What’s that?

new project: mini-home-ecg

Way too busy (and loving it!)

August Meeting - Thursday July 16, 19:00 @ Fidus

July Post Meeting Commentary

Note to Self… (and others)

July Meeting - July 19, 2007 @ Fidus

Gibson Research Password Generator

June Meeting followup

BSDCan Keynote

Podcasting - easier than I thought

June Meeting, June 21 @ 19:00

LPI Preparation Review

May ovsage meeting notes

I (finally) join new ovSAGE website

BSDcan 2007 Photos

BSDCan 2007 - Day 4

BSDCan 2007 - Day 3

BSDCan 2007 - Day 2

All about ovSAGE (well, the old about)

BSDcan 2007 - day 1 (tutorials)

BSDcan 2007 starting Wednesday…

BSDcan coming up next week.

May Meeting - email configuration in postfix

MacBook exploit (actually java exploit)

LPI Course Project - Alive and Well

Looks like we may have a basic meeting tonight

Great little comment I heard last night

Module installation can be a real pain.

Barcamp 3 - impressions

Coffee Shop Computing - Not just for Novelists.

Cable Management Tip

Advertising: Why do we do it?

New storage media should be on the market

March Meeting (2007) Followup

This will solve 99% of your problems


We are now affiliated with LOPSA

Don’t ask employees to be passionate about the company!

New meeting location approved!!


It’s Sunday night again

Vista Review

New scam: phone calls regarding new lower interest rates on credit cards

Testing blogging - Jumpstart oddity on Solaris 9

issue/bug/feature tracking

Consumer broadband routers at risk

Testing out the basics of the FCKeditor for the site

Blogging for the sheer joy of it.

Calendar appears to be a little in the future

Meeting Info

Next Meeting

Time for a Facelift

July Meeting

June Meeting

Good. Fast. Cheap. O’Reilly Launches PDF Guides

LOPSA Membership Drive

Followup to May Meeting

May Meeting

OSW: Free Culture Carleton

April Meeting

LPI Certification is on for the Open Source Weekend

Solaris 10 zones and Dtrace

March Meeting

Open Source Weekend.

Free Servers?

LPI Exam

Technical Services Specialist

Dru’s blog

February Meeting

Followup Notes for the January Meeting.

January 2006 - Do you know where your meeting is?

Snippet on sys admin power and authority

December Meeting, Thursday December 15

Post Meeting info

November Meeting

Site Difficulties

Another LPI exam?

October Meeting

Request for Linux Assistance - Mail Server

No September Meeting

August Meeting

Sysadmin Day!!!

July Meeting

SAGE Elections this weekend

June Meeting

System Upgrade

May Meeting: Thursday, May 19, 2005

April Meeting

Confirmed: LPI Exam May 28, 2005

Yet another LPI exam

March Meeting

Email fixed

Email broken

February Meeting

January Meeting

December Meeting: Thursday, Dec 16

Reminder: LPI Exam Saturday

Power bumps, hacking attacks, and Bell woes

Registration closing

November Meeting, Thursday Nov 20, 2004

LPI Exam Update (delaying for a few weeks)

LPI Exam Nov 20, 2004

Post October Meeting

October Meeting - This Thursday (see calendar)

Future LPI exams

Meeting this week See calendar entry in events block

LPI Exams???

Post July Meeting Info

Exams Tomorrow

Meeting location page added

Post June Meeting Info

June Meeting

LPI Exam Opportunity

More items…

Theme changed

New Additions

Meeting this Thursday


Broken sections of the site

April Meeting

March Meeting

January Meeting

November Meeting

Going on Safari?

June Meeting Info

Mailing list software installed

Do we have any topics?

Next Meeting New Website

Apathy Reigns!



New Look!!

Re: RE: \[ovsage\] Re: April Meeting


Change: \[ovsage\] April Meeting


April Meeting


OCUUG Meeting April 15th

March Meeting

November Meeting


Linux Support Positions at Mitel

ovSAGE October Meeting

September Meeting

August Meeting

ovSAGE July Meeting

June Meeting

Ottawa Caleton Unix Users Group Meeting Tuesday June 11, 2002

Details Complete

Resend - with correct dates May Meeting

May Meeting Announcement

OCUUG Meeting this Tuesday night.



Centralized password databases.

April Meeting Announcement

OCUUG arising from the dead…

March Meeting Minutes

Re Re March Meeting

March Meeting Followup

Re March Meeting

March Meeting

February Meeting Minutes

Re Previous Messages

Re Re Re February Meeting

previous messages

Re February Meeting

Re Re February Meeting

Topics for next months meeting.

It’s that time again - February Meeting - 2002/02/21 @ 19

January Meeting Minutes.

January Meeting


December Meeting


November Meeting

October Meeting

Meeting Last Month

August Meeting



Ottawa Linux Symposium

July Meeting - Thursday July 26, 2001

ovSAGE June Meeting

May Meeting 2001

RE [ovsage] April Meeting

April Meeting

March Meeting

*NIX based firewalls



Date Correction

RE [ovsage] January Meeting

January Meeting

Trolling for talent

November Meeting

September Meeting


Reminder - Monthly Meeting

SANS Parliament Hill 2000 Training materials

August Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

July Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Ignore automated post, Meeting delayed 1 week

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Delay in meeting - 1 week

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting

Reminder - Monthly Meeting


[ovsage] Monthly Meeting

[ovsage] March meeting

[ovsage] Monthly Meeting

[ovsage] location change for the 2000/02/24 meeting

[ovsage] Emergency Notice

[ovsage] and year…

[ovsage] Corrected February date…

[ovsage] February Meeting

[ovsage] !!! Meeting Date Change - Jan 27 !!!

[ovsage] January Meeting

[ovsage] OVSAGE Minutes for 991118

[ovsage] December Meeting

[ovsage] November Meeting

[ovsage] Re [ovsage] October Meeting

[ovsage] October Meeting

[ovsage] Re [ovsage] September Meeting - September 30, 1999

[ovsage] September Meeting - September 30, 1999

[ovsage] Info on Signing Up

[ovsage] Re [ovsage] Final Notice

[ovsage] Final Notice

[ovsage] Meeting Confirmation

[ovsage] RE [ovsage] Again, Date Correction

[ovsage] Again, Date Correction

[ovsage] August Meeting - date change

[ovsage] August Meeting Addendum

[ovsage] Re [ovsage] August Meeting

[ovsage] August Meeting

[ovsage] job position at Apple Computers

[ovsage] Meeting Reminder - May 18, 1999

[ovsage] Ottawa Valley SAGE info thought

[ovsage] Reminder Note

[ovsage] Re

[ovsage] Re: April Meeting

[ovsage] April Meeting

[ovsage] Re: Console Server

[ovsage] Console Server

[ovsage] Reminder - March Meeting

[ovsage] Repost - March Meeting

[ovsage] March Meeting

[ovsage] Reminder

[ovsage] Inaugural Meeting

[ovsage] Meeting night proposal.

[ovsage] Re Meeting location?

[ovsage] Meeting location?

[ovsage] Ottawa Valley SAGE has a web page

Welcome to the ovsage E-Mail Group